26 Mai 2014

Day 3 German Open: cancelled

The forecast for today was for showers, and before noon it really started raining under the overcast skies. The day was cancelled in the morning, so we had time to charge our batteries and cure our sore muscles from the last flights. It wasn´t the longest of tasks, but in this powerful, fresh spring thermals, it can be quite a demanding rodeo in the air!

Thanks to Sander´s talented personal photographer Anne-Marie, I can share some really good photos of Emberger Alm take off with you! His team mate Gijs Wanders has been awarded with average points for the second task, as he helped to rescue a pilot who had tumbled and went down on the reserve. Gijs had witnessed that the pilot landed in a snow field in an uninhabited area almost on top of the ridge, so he dialed into the safety frequency and gave the exact position to help with the helicopter rescue, He then flew back to Greifenburg in case more information was needed. Luckily the pilot was quickly rescued, taken to hospital and looked after. He is well – thanks Gijs, and thanks to Monique who did the same for me in Australia many years ago!

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