23 Dezember 2013

Aida last night of the Proms Bremen

Yesterday I had a great time taking my God daughter out for her first concert to the biggest concert hall in Bremen for "Aida night of the Proms". It was the last concert of the tour this year, so it was even funnier than usual.
The audience in Bremen was a little hard to motivate to jump up and dance, I think the "Baseballs" and Amy McDonald were disappointed, but we worked hard to make up for it, even though we were a few rows back. We had a blast jumping and dancing and singing the songs, celebrating the artists!
John Miles ("music was my first love") was impressive, Mark King the base slap master as ever (Level 42 "Lessons in Love"), but sure my all time favourite is Morten Harket with his mesmerizing, crystal clear voice, presenting a couple of beautiful, dark new solo songs.
Markus Othmer, the presenter of the concert in southern Germany, had to go to Morocco for the game Bavaria Munich won the club World Championships with (poor guy, hard to cope with so much sun...). He handed over to Uwe Bahn who usually works for the radio and TV up here in the north.

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