28 Juni 2012

Soon in China

Im nearly on my next work trip now, going to Nanjing soon. I will try to post some photos from there, but I don´t know if I can reach blogspot. Last time in Nanjing it did not work, but maybe this time it is not as censored, as I managed to connect from Shenyang as well, just a limited time. Storms are in the forecast, no flying, no football :( yet I keep my fingers crossed for the German team, specially for Mario Gomez - I was lucky enough to have met and talked to him a couple of times, and I really like his friendly, open attitude. He was like, "well Im just running and kicking a ball around in a field, but you are FLYING WITHOUT MOTOR, that is really daring and exciting..." I also met his girl friend Sylvia, super smart and super pretty. What a match! C´mon Mario, score some more of your brilliant goals, por favor! I keep my fingers crossed for you!

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