01 Juni 2012

The Dragon Princess, Shenyang, Timezone GMT +8

 Im in Shenyang for the first time - another one of those growing Chinese metropoles like Beijing and Shanghai. Not as many foreigners here, and not many people understand or speak English. Nevertheless, the people from Shenyang are very helpful and friendly. It is also nice to walk along in peace and quiet without hawkers attacking you, aggressively trying to sell anything, like in the more common Chinese cities ;)

First of all, I visited the great imperial Palace of Shenyang. It is a little like the Forbidden City in Beijing, just not as vast. Beautiful dragons everywhere, so I decided to dress up for them, trying to lure the dragons into coming to Germany with me. Did not work, I have to practice my Chinese.

If you like to see the movie from Red Bull Flugtag, it is on youtube now!

ps: The shoes are a bit exhausting here, quite a different concept of "high heels" - after a while, I managed to balance on them...

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