12 Juni 2012

Silbernes Lorbeerblatt

Today I was officially invited by the German Government to come to berlin and receive the "Silbernes Lorbeerblatt", the highest award for successful athletes in Germany. Only one world champion title is not enough to get it - Sebastian Vettel got his in February.
Dr. Friedrich, Minister of internal affairs, awarded the leaf to a group of athletes today and started with Regina Glas, Monique Werner and me!

Charlie Jöst as the president of the German Hang Gliding association and Klaus Koplin, president of the DAeC (German Aero Club) were also invited to the presendation.

It was great to meet the Latin dance formation from Grün Gold Club Bremen - a while ago I also danced at their club house which is very close to my home in Bremen! I congratulated them for their titles and they asked me about hang gliding - half of them want to do a tandem flight now ;)

I had no idea that there are fishing and even under water rugby world championships! I found that hang gliding is not half as exotic as a lot of the other sports people do.

Thinking of the next European Championships - thanks a lot to all of you for assisting the petition so the Turkish hang gliding team can compete in Kayseri this year!

And, of course, the current European soccer championships - Mario Gomez did a great job with his goal against Portugal, I keep my fingers crossed for the young, German team tomorrow against the Netherlands!

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