06 Januar 2012

Forbes Day 2: 133km around 3 TP

After having ranked 48 yesterday, I had a bit more time to prepare my gear before launch with a very nice setup number of 34 - thankfully we are starting with an ordered launch out here which makes the whole comp really civilized. Turned out to be the perfect launch time to get up and ready in time for the 14.30 startwindow. I had a great tow behind a very talented tug pilot called Steve around 14.10 - he dropped me right into a nice thermal.
I was so happy about that little glider Moyes gave me to fly here that I just kept bouncing from thermal to thermal with a big smile today. More about the new glider in detail tomorrow, tonight Im too tired. Even though Blenky and I made it around all 3 turnpoints and into goal after 133 km, we were still only back at HQ around 21.00 to download the tracklogs. Our team mate Tony landed 2 km short of goal, and Kathryn landed around 20 km short - a great flight considering that she had broken her arm just recently! I think she ranked 3rd best woman of the day, after Carol and me.
Looks like around 34 pilots got to goal, and I was probably the only woman, with Carole being not far away from goal. Many big names were missed in goal today - Jonny was sick all day and couldnt quite get there, Attila and Primoz landed late, Curt didnt make it in. Today´s results will ruffle the complete rankings around. New day, new game.
Team Germany was quite successful, with Lukas as the fastest probably in 10th overall, also Roland, Jörg and Hans arrived in goal. Only Christa and Konrad were missing.
Scott Barrett won the day, followed by Swiss Nic. Overall Rohan is in the lead now with Scott in 2nd and Edoardo in 3rd. Lukas is 5th overall and top German pilot! I rank 28th now and better get ready soon, since the top 30 will start in reversed order, I will be off 3rd again today ;)

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