20 Januar 2012

Back in Sydney

After a nice drive from Forbes to Newcastle with Hadewych, I stayed with Nikola, she had just come back from the Corryong Cup and told me that there were also 6 women competing! Good for the sport to see so many women doing well over here in Australia.
I had a great introduction into the dune flying from my friends Tish, Conrad and Cris. It was a lot of fun to fly around in the single surface gliders and goof around in the dunes, hanging out in the evenings together with Ashanta and Fredie and some other "left over" pilots from Forbes. Holidays, finally!
Next day I had a tandem flight with Tony Barton who I always admired for his smooth top landings, so I asked him for a lesson on how to topland at Scenic. He in return asked me for some cross country tricks and let me fly the glider in the air, but we didnt cover too much ground on that day;) The top landing was a lot of fun and it was difficult not to touch the uprights but let Tony do all the work. I will post the video soon!
Yesterday I flew Conrads Moyes Malibu, taking off in Mereweather, going over to Dixon Park, floating around with Tish and Hadewych for a while, and then landing. A flight in wonderful smooth air, it was a lot of fun to fly that easy beginners glider. Later also Francoise Dieuzede had a go in it and really enjoyed boating around close to the beach.
Boris from Tasmania took me back to Sydney where we were invited to join Vickis post Forbes party - Noma was the chef and prepared great Sushi for us! We had a lot of fun and shared some fun stories.
Today I went to the Moyes factory with Vicky and met Francoise again, she will leave on Saturday. Maybe we go for a flight at Stanwell later. Her 5th place on one of the race days of Forbes was very impressive, she will definitely be one of the possible world champions if we have the next women´s worlds out in Forbes next January - Flip said it will be a team of 6 + 2 pilots, so there can be another title.
Also I just uploaded Jim Prahls video of my first test flight at Stanwell with the RX3 here.

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