14 Januar 2012

169 km around 2 TP, goal Forbes

Well today I made a few mistakes and landed after the first turnpoint - that area was very swampy and difficult to get back up and tackle the head wind. Yet had I been well rested and well trained, it should not have been a problem. Just a lack of concentration. With my knee injuries, I had not been able to train my endurance as hard as I normally do, and I clearly see where I can improve for next year. Lenz will see me back training hard at Sportschule Puch as soon as Im back in Germany. Well, I now that I can run again, I will start with my jogging training on Monday!
Rohan just made goal and won the competition, Attila should be 2nd, but for 3rd I dont know yet. I will drop big time down into the 40ies, but I think I will still win the women´s ranking, unless Francoise makes more than 980 points today ;) well she is a great pilot, but today it was a task for the big heavy guys with a big headwind leg. Funny, who again was task committee? Gerolf was in first, I have to ask him how much ballast he uses on a day like today. And when my leg is strong and absolutely stable again, I will ballast up to 8 kg more like I did in Texas without problems.
Well the pre worlds are over, 8 tasks, a lot of outback adventures, really very nice encounters with farmers and their families, some good goals - and about 35 hours of airtime! That little RX3 is an amazing new glider and I can´t wait to bring it over to Germany and have light pilots testfly it! It really makes a big change in the comp for us light weights! I had the full work out here in Forbes, and I can move my arms and shoulders without problem. Even Curt noticed how relaxed I hang and climb in the big gaggles. But the most important thing - the towing is soooooo easy with it! Today it was superrough again, with many dusties ripping through the tow field already, that I got a bit anxious. In the air, it was rough, but I managed to hang on all the way up and had a big smile in my face. Finally a glider that is controllable and has the performance too! Thanks Steve (and Kim) Moyes, thanks Gerolf for thinking of our small minority of light pilots! I guess on a few days out here I could show the potential of the glider, even though I was always going very very cautious, always really high and slow, just to make sure I can pick the perfect spot for a perfect landing to help my knee!

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