21 November 2011

A Koala and a Moyes family dinner

Sometimes you get rewarded even if the wind direction seems wrong and you decide not to launch. The Koala in the tree was sitting just next to take off - the first Koala I ever saw! Then just a few steps away I found the skin of a large brown snake, one of the most poisonous guys in the world. Then there are cockattoos, lazy lizards (who do they remind me of???) and wild turkeys everywhere. I love this amazing country!
And I love the amazing hospitality of the Moyes family - it is always a special treat to join Molly´s Sunday family dinner at Bronte Beach - and they really embrace me as part of the family. So good to see Vicki and Greg, Molly, Bill, Jen and Steve, Gerolf and about a dozen kids I cant quite place, as well as pilots who just drop in. Have you felt lost and in jet lag and foreign in this huge city of Sydney, at Molly´s Sunday dinner you arrive in a safe and very welcoming haven. It has become an institution over the years and I feel privileged to participate.

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