12 November 2011


After a great time of meeting my friends Phil, Annelies, James, Mary and their families up in Auckland, I flew to Christchurch to stay with Tascha, Cris and Tali. The flight was scenic and revealed some of the beauty of the southern NZ alps. As the Air NZ flight was pretty booked out, I sat in the middle seat in a row of three. As it turned out, I was sitting next to a Kiwi pilot who had just returned from a work trip to Los Angeles. Always interesting to hear about working conditions of other airlines. It is sad that Air New Zealand does not seem to have a lot of airline partners for their staff travel conditions. I can fly on a standby Air New Zealand ticket, but their staff can´t fly Lufthansa!
In Christchurch, Tish and Cris took me to the beach to see if we can fly the dunes, but the wind was not on, so we just had a nice little picknick together with their little son Tali. The beach is beautiful - it is spring at the moment, and the sand dunes are covered in beautiful flowers!

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