21 November 2011


Whereever I go flying, whether hang gliding or on duty with Lufthansa, I usually have this hat in my luggage. With my fair skin I am quite sensitive to the sun and we usually end up flying in summer conditions in sunny weather, so I was very pleased to have found the perfect travel hat - light weight and indestructable. I put it into the sail before take off and sometimes forgot to take it out before I packed the glider - it stayed in the glider for days, yet it came out perfect.
Since my hat has come of age and seen many countries and comps over the past six years, I decided to find a new one, as I can only buy them in Sydney. And with the pre worlds in Forbes coming up in January, finding the perfect equipment is part of my preparation for the comp.
I had always bought these hats at Paddington market, but as that market is only on on Saturdays, I went to the studio of Maya Neumann in Darlinghurst today.
With the natural dye, every hat comes out unique. And the secret is the material - water hyacinth, you can just spray the hat with water and change the shape to anything you like! A bit like felt hats in Bavaria, just not as thick and heavy, but very light and delicate, made for summer and hot places. I chose my favourite colour and Maya finished my new "Squash hat" off. She also loves to travel the world and we exchanged some good "on the road stories".

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