15 Juni 2009

How to make new friends...

Before filming with Salzburg TV, I put a new Red Bull sticker on my sail. I tried to do that in the park around the corner, but soon these young soccer players closed in on me and changed their game from shooting goals to shooting glider and jumping it.
No explanation helped, the big guy even asked me to leave, as it is their park because they were there first. Hm. Then I turned around and promised them each a can of Red Bull. "A real one?" - Sure! "One Red Bull each?" - Yes, as long as they managed to leave my glider untouched with the soccer ball and their feet.
Straight away, they sat around my stickers and the glider and started asking questions about hanggliding and found everything really cool. After I finished my work, they couldnt wait to get the cans. By the way, the guy on the left is Bavarian, then there are two Iranian brothers, one guy from Georgia (eastern Europe), and one boy from Armenia. Nice to see that sport connects them all!

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