16 Juni 2009

Black and white

Another cool photo from Mike that I can publish here thanks to
adidas/PLANET TALK 2009.
Im already ironing my white blouse for another work trip that will take me to Vancouver again. I wish Brett, Bernie or Vincene were in Vancouver, as time is too short for a quick visit in Calgary... I wonder why they don´t go to join the World Championships next week in Laragne/France, Rob Clarkson seems to be the only Canadian pilot there. I heard rumours that Bernie and Brett were preparing to get on the paragliding national team?!
Yesterday I watched an amazing documentation about chasing photos and film footage of twisters for three years during hurricane season in the USA. I knew that my friend, the photographer Carsten Peter loves adventures (flying in a motorized paraglider above active vulcanos, diving through glaciers to track the water lines inside the ice...), but next to him my life is really settled and normal ;) have a look at his incredible photos here. He was one of the last guys to leave our World Championship Party in November, because people just can´t let go of him and want to hear more stories!

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Hammer Foto !
Aber warum so ernst ?
Gruß vom Soundman aus Bruchsal ;-)

Gute Reise morgen.