22 Februar 2009

New sprog measurement rules for Laragne

At the CIVL meeting in Hall, this was decided in the plenary meeting today, thanks to Dieter Münchmeyer for informing us so we can be ready:
Motion to add the following to the local regulation for HG worlds at Laragne 2009

All competing pilots’ gliders sprogs should be measured at registration, using the procedures established by the sprog settings working group, manufacturer and certification bodies that have certified the glider being measured.
If it is not possible or practical to measure a glider during registration the glider must be measured before the first flight in the comp. If sprogs settings are found to be too low during the measurement, pilots are allowed to adjust the sprogs, and new measures are taken. The pilot is not allowed to fly in the competition until the sprogs on the pilots glider are found to be within a measuring tolerance defined by the CIVL working group below the certified or manufacturers setting.
Pilots that are found to intentionally have adjusted and flown with too low sprogs after measurement, without notifying the meet director or safety director, are subject to the following points;

1. The pilot is not allowed to fly in the competition until the pilot have adjusted the sprogs back within the tolerances set by the working group to the manufacturer or certification setting, and this is verified by the official measurement procedures in the competition.

2. The pilot will be penalized if the sprogs on the pilots glider are below the penalty tolerance defined by the CIVL working group. The penalty system shall be worked out in the CIVL working group.

3. The incident must be reported to the pilots.
Mandate for the working group; - Deadline 8 weeks
Continue work with the manufacturers and certification bodies to establish the tolerances and procedures for measurement of sprog angles, including all needed technical details.
Work out a solution and procedures on how the sprogs could be sealed to make life easier for the pilots and organization.
Set the penalties to be applied.
Mandate for the organizer; - Deadline 8 weeks
In cooperation with the working group establish the practical procedures and local regulations to handle the sprog measurement.
Inform the pilots about the procedures, rules, and penalties at least 1 month before the opening of the championship.

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