20 Februar 2009

CIVL-Meeting day 2

Today the second half of the long list of topics was discussed, with one hanggliding and one paragliding group. Specially interesting the long topic in the end: sprog measurements. Dennis Pagen mentioned two major problems experienced so far by the CIVL:
1. How to find standards for the measurements
2. How to find enough people to do the measurements with all the gliders
Christof Kratzner from DHV explained the two types of measurements, the "old" method of using a string to measure the height of a batten above the keel. The dihedral of the glider can cause a problem. Secondly, you can measure angles with an electronic angle gauge. But not all the glider models flown in comps have manufacturers data for this kind of measurement.
A working group was formed with Koos (NL), Klaus Tänzler (DHV), Raymond Caux (F), Dennis Pagen (US) and probably Gerolf Heinrichs (AUT, to be asked) to discuss:
- the next step to assuring that sprog settings are at a level of being safe
- the method of measurements, how will they take place, on which comps and how can it be implemented
- who will do the measuring and how will these people receive a training to do it?
- how can liability (CIVL, manufacturers, comp organizers) be limited?
- how should a rule look like to increase safety?
- how could a penalty look like?
- what can be done with prototypes?
A lot to do before the start of the next worlds in Laragne!
Tomorrow the Plenary meetings start, and only delegates are allowed to speak in those. Also the bids for the next worlds will be made. It looks like a close race between Forbes (Australia) and Monte Cucco (Italy).
It was snowing the whole day today and hasnt stopped yet. Here at Reginas place it is a meter high (at least it feels like that), and I dont know if I can make it back to Hall/Austria tomorrow, even though I would love to be there for the bids.

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Davis Straub hat gesagt…

How about actual designers, in addition to Gerolf. Say Steve Pearson and Scott Barrett?

Davis Straub hat gesagt…

How about actual hang glider designers in addition to Gerolf, say Steve Pearson and Scott barrett?