22 Februar 2009

Monte Cucco 2011!

The bid for the next worlds in 2011 was won by Flavio Tebaldi and Monte Cucco (Italy) by 16 over 13 votes for Forbes. Berlin and Turkey did not get many votes. Im looking forward to another worlds organized by Flavio - he did a great job for the last Women´s and Rigid wing Worlds, we all enjoyed the flying and the comp very much, we did not have a single accident, but we flew many tasks and they had found great sponsors too.
Well done, Flavio, and thanks to the delegates for their great decision!

And yes, Davis is right about his comment of another hangglider designer to join the sprog working group - it was mentioned in the meeting to invite other designers too. Davis and Juaki have mentioned that they tried for a long time to get Steve Pearson (Wills Wing) into a working group and were not too successful yet, good idea to ask Scott Barrett as he is not involved with a hangglider manufacturer anymore, but used help designing the Airborne gliders. Of course, everybody is free to make suggestions of people or ask to be in that working group. At the meeting, I suggested to get Davis into the working group, but that was rejected by the US delegate. The German delegate didn´t suggest me, so I wont be in that working group either.

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Davis Straub hat gesagt…

Ha, ha, Dennis Pagen hates me for rattling his cage for so many years.

But, still, I would not be a good choice. Steve Pearson and Scott Barrett would be much better, real experts.

Davis Straub hat gesagt…

It was widely discussed that European pilots wanted to go to Montecucco because their costs (mainly the transportation costs) would be much less for them.

How much was this an issue,as far as you can tell?