04 August 2007

Over to Houston

The big adventure started! After ten and a half hours with three cruel nigerian boys kicking into my back, I still felt privileged because I met this amazing Indian lady sitting next to me. Her face, skin lips and nose showed scars from burning, and since I am very curious, she patiently told me her story. That she had a gas stove accident as a child in India, but decided not to mope but to stand up, study hard and help others. She is a surgeon and professor in Madras, but travelling through the world, lecturing and operating, helping to give hope back to people everywhere. I was very moved by her strength, and time flew by for both of us.
Robin picked me up at the airport and took me through Houston, getting his headsets for the worlds and also picking up foam for his team mate. When we picked up his boys from preschool, I was stunned- Ive never seen an institution like that, computer rooms, water slides, a gymnastic hall, video games, a library room and several other small special feature rooms... quite different to what I remember as Kindergarten!
Sasha the older boy jumped up, gave me a hug - and went back to the video game, haha. After a delicious homemade dinner with Robin, his wife Yulia and the boys, I slept like unconscious until i was woken up by the boys who jumped into my bed. At 6.30...
Today maybe we go flying in Houston area, or, if the weather is not appropriate, we will prepare for the big drive up north to Big Spring. It will take 8 or 9 hours to get there, and there are flying possibilities on the way, and even though my glider is in Flagstaff at the moment, Robin offered me to fly his Litespeed 4s! Heaven.

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