23 August 2007

The Irish Curse

We were a bit delayed on our flight back, since one crew member fell seriously ill. Doctor Ecki looked after her the whole flight, didnt get much rest, and finally decided it is better to get her into a hospital as soon as possible, so the plane stopped in Shannon before continuing to Frankfurt.
Last time going back after the worlds from Florida with LTU, we landed in Dublin to send a little girl to hospital... Lucky that the next worlds are in Europe!
Hans, Ecki and the British team helped me handling my glider box and all that luggage in Frankfurt, so soon after landing we were on the road. Ecki fell asleep in the car, since he didnt get a rest at all during the flight. I was happy that I always store a few cans of Red Bull in my car, so I could just go on driving until we were in Munich, where Ecki was picked up by his wife Ingrid and his two young sons Quirin and Xaver.
Rainy and stormy weather in Munich, lucky I can escape and work on the flight to Bangalore tomorrow! I love Indian food and will indulge in Samosas and Paneer Masala.
On the photo, my team leader and friend Regina Glas and Ashanta, our friend and Swiss team leader. It was nice to travel together, cook together, enjoy success together and party together in the end of the comp. I hope we will all meet again soon for more adventures and more flying.

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