04 August 2017

German Open Awards

Lots of preparation work, organization and travelling, so Im a little behind with the reports. After I won the last task of the German Open, I finished first overall and won the internation German Open for the first time! It was great to see how much the other pilots respected my flying.
The guys in Berlin have a special humor, so they quickly stuck a "1st Man" sign on the trophy for the 1st woman and gave it to Hans Kiefinger! Everybody had a good laugh ;)
My special thanks goes to my parents, to Regina, Rebi and Ecki, who always supported me and helped me through some tough months this year!
Thanks as well to Moyes for this great little racing glider that I really enjoy to fly a lot! With the Moyes RX3, I even enjoy the towing on most days!
Also big thanks to the organizers - you guys are so professional now that you can easily run a world championship in Altes Lager as well!
And most of all - thanks a lot to all the voluntary helpers!!! Without you guys, we would be nowhere!
Naoki from Japan won rigid class. He was lucky that Tim could not compete this year ;)

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