06 August 2017

Arriving in Brasilia

Today registration starts, and the opening ceremony will happen at 4pm - not enough time for a flight, so I can update this blog.
After a lot of help from my friend Rebi, I finished packing my glider. Jörg picked me up in Belecke, we took a short stop to visit Manfred Vaupel who had a spare instrument for Jörg, then we drove straight to Frankfurt airport for check-in.
It took us a while to get all our luggage checked-in. It was a full flight, so I had already used the online check-in for our whole team the day before- a good idea, as the Italian team didn´t do that and except for Christian, the rest of their team was only on the waiting list for the overbooked flight to Rio and didn´t know if they were getting on or not. Luckily the guys at the gate found enough volunteers to fly later, offering some compensation, so the whole Italian team got on!
In Rio, we met Jo, a very helpful friend who took Roland and me to the rental car place where we took our time to fix a solid roof rack for the long journey to Brasilia.
While Primoz had already arrived a week ago, Roland, Jörg, Gerd and Lukas shared the drive to Brasilia. I flew over and was picked up by Claudinha, our team driver and coordinator. Together with her, I bought and registered all the phone cards for the team and prepared the team house.
A bit later, we also met our second team driver, Murilo. When the team arrived, we set up all gliders in Claudinha´s garden. It was great to see that there was not a single scratch on any of them, so we could go for a first testflight the next day.
As we were running late, we didn´t quite make it to Esplanada, but had a nice little flight anyway. Lukas said he remembered a lot of places from having flown the worlds in 2003. Hopefully that will help our team to do well this year!
More about our flight to Esplanada later!

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