03 Juli 2015

Flying in Fjordland

 Flying in Voss was exciting. There is still a lot of snow melting, so I was glad that my goretex Terrex shoes kept my feet dry and warm in the wetlands!
Thermals were good, base between 1600 and 2000m, and every now and then it looked like a good landing  field too. The tasks were both 67km around 4 turnpoints to Gudvangen goal. You see the place on my aerial shot just in the background, in the gorge. Yes, landing between an awe inspiring 1000m cliffs! And the field was full of "tractor eggs", which made a landing even more interesting, but most guys landed happily in that place which has been flown to for the first time this year.
The retrieve was perfectly organized by the Norwegians, and we were back before dark. Haha, at that time of year, it doesn´t actually get dark - at 3am it is light enough to not need any lights!
The landscape of the Norwegian Fjords is just incredible, and I´m very thankful that Arne Hillestad let me fly my old glider, which was a lot of fun! The two days we spent flying in Voss were great weather, but just before and after it must have been quite the opposite, and people said that I got to fly the most epic weather that ever existed in Voss! Well worth the effort of driving up 5 hours from Oslo.

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