08 Juli 2015

Day 4: Rain- rest day after 3 tasks!

DHV report here. Finally the storms arrived in Italy, so I have time to give you an update! Even though the forecast was for late, weak lift and overdevelopment around 5pm, the cnonditions improved and a task of 140km into the high mountains at Staller Sattel, over to Ridnaun (past Sterzing, crossing the Brenner Autobahn) and back to Pfalzen was set.
We found strong lift, cloud base at 3800m, but also quite strong wind, so it got very bumpy around the first turnpoint.
I managed a good start and stayed with the top gaggle up to Staller Sattel. The first time I ever saw this place, beautiful and very impressive! The guys kept racing, and I managed to fly along with Gerd and Anton, almost catching up to the leading gaggle at the 2nd turnpoint.
The flight to goal was the reward for the hard work before. Finally some good tail wind! Alex won the day with an incredible 56 km/h average speed, I did my personal best on a closed triangle with 45km/h and was happily celebrating another superscenic flight to goal!
Yoko was happy to make goal for the first time in the comp yesterday - big congratulations to her! She asked me if I´m not scared to fly in these mountains. Well, I had some good training in Mexico I guess ;) It´s the first time to fly through the Dolomites for me, and with a cloud base of around 4000m, we can talk about it! Yoko landed at Seiser Alm the first day, 2000m high - actually there was a take off just around the corner...
Today is a great day to recharge the batteries, not just the ones of our instruments ;)
You find the results here, also more photos and news of the day, thanks to organizer Flavio Tebaldi and Mary!

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