17 Juni 2015


After I cured my sore muscles from the trip to Brazil (we could try all fitness classes at our hotel for free, so for the first time I went to Zumba, Pilates, Aqua Gym, Bootcamp Xfit and DeRose method (which is kind of heavy duty yoga...), for a short moment I had hope to fly to Boston from my standby. Jamie is in the area and I was really happy that we would meet for a few hours, but then my schedule was changed again. No Boston, but a stay in Moscow and Athens, with several other short flights within Europe.
Right after my first work flight to France, my suitcase had been "accidentally" offloaded in Nice, which I got to know during the flight back to Frankfurt, so that was a disappointment to barely have any clothes but uniform going to Russia. At least I had my bikini in my hand luggage, but it was too chilly to walk across the red square barefoot and in a bikini.
In the morning, I was greeted by an epic Moscow sky, it was painful not to have the chance to go for a flight here - hey, no wonder the alps don´t have proper clouds anymore, if the Russians book them all for the sky above Moscow! The day was too nice to stay inside, so I borrowed a bicycle from the hotel (looking pretty silly on it with my uniform shoes, but I had no choice) and went for a ride. These buildings are so beautiful, and very edible in a wedding cake way ;)
Like in Munich, the linden trees here in Moscow are in full flower and fill the air with their beautiful, sweet scent of summer - I love it!
 I really hope that my suitcase turns up again in Frankfurt today, but it´s not the worst case if it doesn´t - my next stop tonight will be Athens, and it´s going to be very hot there, all I will need IS the bikini :)

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