10 Juni 2015

I love Brazil!

After the G7 meeting closed down half of our hang gliding air space last weekend (Garmisch area) and storms kicked in as well, I decided to volunteer for work on Sunday - and won the lottery :) They sent me to Sao Paulo!
I love the flights to Brazil, and I like to be in that beautiful country. Can´t get enough of all the fresh fruit, Açai, pão de queijo and agua de coco bem gelado! My favourite little restaurant "Recanto Vegetariano" offers their home grown organic vegetables and fruit in an all you can eat buffet at lunch for 10€.
The weather was glorious and I wish I had had more time to prepare for the flight, I would have loved to bring my harness and go flying in Atibaia. The Urubus certainly showed some nice lift around our hotel at Morumbi!

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