12 Mai 2015

Greifenburg - Hessenmeisterschaft

On the way to Greifenburg on Sunday, I experienced a howling 40-50km/h valley wind from the west just before the tunnel going into Drautal. Then it switched to a steady easterly in the next valley... I thought not a good day to fly (I was too late anyway), but apparently some guys don´t mind the wind shears ;)
Yesterday I had a first little flight in this beautiful place. Snow is gone on take off, and you see a lot of waterfalls in the mountains high up where the last snow is melting. Up to 3000m, thermals were smooth, and then a 30 km/h from the north hit us. On the ground, there was no wind at all, but until late in the evening, you could see lenticular clouds in many places.
It got quite cold, so today I will be smarter and put some warmers into my gloves and shoes - Thermopad is a great invention!
Tomorrow will be the first day of my favourite local championship, the Hessenmeisterschaft. Both hang gliding and paragliding, and lots of my friends are here. I started flying in Hessen on Wasserkuppe, that´s why I feel still very connected to this fun event. Ah yes - they stopped trying to organize it in Hessen because of unreliable weather up there and moved to Greifenburg about 20 years ago...

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