13 Mai 2015

First Day Hessenmeisterschaft: Short day

Scores here in a while! Lots of high clouds shaded our valley almost 100%, so no lift around for a while. The forecast was for storms in the late afternoon, that´s why the task was only 57km to Höfer Alm, then Radlberger Alm, Sender Egg and goal at Fliegercamp. Around 2pm we saw a blue line at Lienz moving towards us, so there was hope. I got ready and took off around 14.45 - and was lucky, as I found a nice little bubble to climb out straight away. The guys ahead of me were still not getting up, so it was a bit risky to already go. It paid off - I had a smooth and fast run all the way to goal.
Just before the last turnpoint I got too much height, as I thought I would encounter more headwind and lee side, as the forecast was for quite a strong southwesterly. Turned out it was good to be a bit higher and not land straight away, as the wind direction switched around a lot at the landing field. After a while, I could see darker clouds at Lienz and thought it´s time to land. Now the south wester had hit the valley pretty hard, it was very bumpy when I touched down. Around 6pm, just after the first storm had passed through, another gust front hit the Fliegercamp really hard, with hail and winds sweeping away the umbrellas on the terrace. Luckily by then everybody had already landed safely, as we had a call back deadline of 6pm anyway.
The forecast isn´t too promising for the weather of the next days, so we are glad that we had at least one nice first small task. And again - you never know, Greifenburg might allow us another flight, so stay tuned!

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