22 Februar 2015

Arriving in Valle - finally!

After a lot of help from great people on the way over to the hang gliding worlds at Valle de Bravo, we finally arrived after a neverending odyssee at 1.30 pm local time in the morning, which is 8.30 am our time... the guys managed to stay up and talk a bit more, I just collapsed into bed, waking up to birds and dogs - and, most of all, sunshine this morning in beautiful Mexico!
For some reason, in Mexico city at the airport, our seven gliders had to be inspected by who knows, so we waited about two extra hours after the long flight for our luggage. In the meantime, the guys who were supposed to pick us up had gone to get some food, so it got really late when we finally left Mexico City. At least the traffic was smooth at this time of night, and I was glad that our team leader Uli drove the rental car, and we also had another driver for the bus with the gliders, so we could just sit and rest.
Now we are starting to set up the gliders and check if they made it ok. Looking good! Off to work now, more pictures later.

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