26 Juni 2014

Task 2: 98km around 5 turnpoints

The sandwiches we get in our lunch packs are really delicious, you can see that even at a world championships, al different nationalities sit together for lunch :) on this photo Dutch, American, Russion and Swedish!
The weather looked great today, so a 98km task was set around 5 turnpoints, slightly shorter for sport class.
With a base of 2400m and not much wind, flying here is a real pleasure! It was fun to race around the course with the girls. I flew a lot with Françoise again today, but also Japanese Yoko Isomoto is an amazing pilot. She told me she moved from Osaka right next to a launch site and flies almost every day. She loves it, and she won the day - again!
About 9 girls made it to goal today, amongst them Natalia and Julia from Russia, also Linda (USA) and Claudia (COL), Kathleen (GB) and Chisato (JPN) I think.
Food now, more infos later!

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