24 Juni 2014

1st task: 49km around 4 turnpoints

Results here.
I wolfed down my dinner to write the news of the day for you guys ;)
We had our first round of the Hang gliding world championships today, with 49km in women´s and sports class and about 70km in rigid class. Don´t know how far the swift guys went, but as expected, Manfred Ruhmer won, and by the sound of it, all the competing class two gliders made it to goal today!
My adidas team mate Tim Grabowski was first in goal and won the day, and Norbert Kirchner was 3rd - a really good result for team Germany today!
I barely got up to 1500m today, which is about 1000m above the goal. I was flying with Françoise Dieuzede most of the way, and I think she might have won the day, while there were Natalia, Sasha, the other Françoise and a few rigid and sport class pilots in the field where I landed, about 7km short of goal. We hit a huge head wind for the last 9 km to goal and just couldn´t find a way to get back up and fight it.
I was lucky to get a really nice landing. Alain, a very friendly guy of the organization team, helped me after the landing.
You can find more photos and stories from our German team at the DHV page.

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