29 Mai 2013


My favourite competition started on Sunday in Greifenburg: Hessenmeisterschaft in hang and paragliding! Not many pilots decided to join, because the weather had been bad and the forecast wasn´t promising. But the few of us optimists were rewarded with 3 consecutive days of flying!
The tasks were between 50 and 60km, both for flex and rigid wings. right from the beginning, Konrad Lüders had a very good run and is still leading the comp after three rounds, followed by Walter Schurr and me. It is great to fly with Katharina Dressel who came here from Berlin! She is keen and will be on our women´s national team soon I think!
In rigid class, Dieter Müglich won the day yesterday. But also Peter Friedemann who is in the lead overall, Rüdiger Bien and Axel Hartmann are giving Dieter a good run for the money! 7 rigids are competing in class 5.
In the paragliding class, it looks like there could be two champions for the first time ever, as their points match after three tasks.

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