31 Mai 2013

And the winners are...

 ... Konrad Lüders won overall, but because he doesn´t belong to a club in Hessen, Walter Schurr (2nd place) is new Hessenmeister while I´m the 1st woman (3rd overall). Some results are here, but the overall for hang gliding and class 5 is not published yet.
Peter Friedemann won rigid class overall, but Dieter Müglich (2nd) is Hessenmeister in class 5.
Verena Puttrich won the women´s paragliding comp, while Axel Bauendistel and Alexander Füg both are paragliding Hessenmeister in open class now, with exactly the same points after 3 rounds in 1st place! Paragliding results here.
It was a really nice competition, even though we were only 50 pilots altogether. We were lucky that the weather allowed us to fly 3 tasks up to 60 km in the end, two in very nice conditions. Meanwhile it was raining almost everywhere else!
Big thanks to the organizers, especially Manfred Vaupel and Christoph Limpert who looked after everything, from take off, tasks, goal and scoring!
The alps are drowning in rain right now, time to go north - the sun is out in Bremen!!!

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