30 Dezember 2012

Testflying at Stanwell

Yesterday morning I met my team at the Moyes factory - Jörg, Christian, Roland, Gerd, Regina, Oli, Tobi and Yves. While I stayed with Kathryn in the south of Sydney, the others stayed with Ian Duncan north of Sydney.
We packed our luxurious Mercedes team busses and optimistically left for a test flight at Stanwell. We met the Austrians, inlcuding ex-world champion Manfred Ruhmer there, Curt and his tandem Crew Wolfi and Jonas, also the British and a few Canadian and American pilots were there.
We set our gear up, but the wind direction was way too north to get into the air, so we packed and went for lunch and some had a swim at the beach. Suddenly Oli said the wind looks better, so we went up again. Set up the gliders again, and had a wonderful evening flight. I enjoyed it a lot racing the cliffs with my team mates, playing with the new glider, testing every speed and angle, turns and stalls and all ;) It is an all carbon racing machine, my Moyes RX 3! Fantastic handling, an absolute pleasure to fly fast, looks like it has extremely good performance when I was wing flirting with Jörg...
Most of the girls at the Worlds will fly this new model, and it seems like they are all as enthusiastic about the glider as I am. Almost all competing on the same glider will make it an interesting event, starting on Jan. 5th in Forbes, Australia.
This photo was taken out of the movie of the new GoPro Hero 3 black edition - very nice resolution, wide angle and good colours despite the lack of light at 7pm and a cloud cover!

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