20 Dezember 2012

Race of Champions, Bangkok, Timezone GMT +7

After having worked on the long, booked out flight to Bangkok, I had a short rest and then went to the "Race of Champions". The best drivers of all different categories of motorsport came together and had a match race on all different kind of cars.
Two drivers were racing each other and the winner got to the next round. This race is so interesting because each driver is in a different car for each round!
The day before, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel had won the team competition. On the last day, they both dropped out at the semi-finals, and French driver Romain Grosjean won the race.
No need to tell you that the after-party was legendary and that they had invited the prettiest girls of Thailand to join ;)
I enjoyed meeting the KTM racing team guys and looked after them on my work flight back home two days later.
A special highlight was the incredible show of Chris Pfeiffer on his motorbike!

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