25 November 2012

Sao Paulo, Timezone GMT - 2

After a long full work flight to Sao Paulo, I went to Interlagos for the F1 Qualifying. Exciting to watch the racing, the tactics, to hear the team communication, but most of all the noise of the engines.Meeting the team of Red Bull Brazil was a great "prazer".
It all looks really good for Sebastian tomorrow, even though it started raining tonight, a cold front will move in and there might be really heavy rain on the course tomorrow. The qualifying went well. After Hamilton and Button it was Mark Webber on 3rd and Sebastian in 4th position for the big finish tomorrow.
After the race, Mark came over to talk about the performance of the day in Sao Paulo. I used the chance to ask him for signing my helmet as a "lucky charm" for my worlds in January in Australia. He smiled when I said "Forbes", sure he knows that area, and of course I invited Mark over to come and fly with us ;)
I didn´t see Sebastian, he will just have a really good rest and I keep my fingers crossed big time for him tomorrow!

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