26 November 2012

Interlagos: Sebastian World Champion!

 Today I nearly died a few heart attacks at Interlagos - what a crazy race! Just after the start, Sebastian did a 360 on the slippery road - drizzle on the track turned it into soap! It happened just in front of me and I was so shocked that I dropped my phone and nearly killed it... luckily I got the photos out at least.
Then it was Mark with another 360, but also other drivers had trouble with the rain today.
With Button, Alonso and Massa on the podium, Sebastian still had enough points in the lead to become World Champion for the 3rd time! Felipe Massa held a very emotional speach in front of his home audience, it was a great finish of the season for many drivers.

I was very touched when Sebastian found the time to sign my helmet. Now I have the best lucky charm possible for my worlds in January in Australia - both Mark Webber´s and Sebastian Vettel´s autographs! 

Very, very impressive performance of Team Red Bull Racing today, congratulations to the whole team for their new success, you are legends! And thank you for letting us be a part of it!

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