02 September 2007

Nightglow Warsteiner Montgolfiade

After the Balloonists returned from their trip last night, some of them set up their gear again to give the audience a great show. While music was playing, they kept turning on their heaters, letting the balloons glow in the night. After that, the fireworks started exploding to the music. We were really lucky with the weather as it stayed dry. You should have seen the traffic jam after the show... but we didnt get jammed because we followed Rebekka the local, she showed us how to escape the crowd so we could get at least a few hours of sleep in.
Still it started too early this morning, at least for my Boston jet lag taste. The sky is grey again, but the fun cup will start in an hour anyway, led by Mike Küng. Rebi offered me her paraglider, so maybe I can participate. Maybe I need a few more Red Bull before that ;)
When it is so dark like autumn, I dont feel too inspired to set up my glider, having just returned from the ultimate, hottest summer i ever experienced (Big Spring, Texas). Im wearing two Icebreaker thermal shirts, a Red Bull fleece and two Adidas jackets to stay warm, looking a bit like the Michelin man. Still some pilots walked up to me yesterday, looking at me, saying," Oh you are really very small...". Bill Moyes put it that way:"How can a skinny little bird like you fly that well?"
Anyway, action starts over here, the wind is picking up, the Balloons give way for the show of us hangglider and paraglider pilots. Even Jürgen Rüdinger is back already for more tows with his dragonfly, must have been about 40 times he pulled people up yesterday.
More pictures later.

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