05 September 2007


On Sunday I left for Cologne to stay with my brother, a paraglider pilot from Cologne took me with her, after having left some of my luggage with Regina and some with my parents. I dont know the city that well, but when I was dropped in Deutz, it turned out I didnt even need to. The tram doors opened and there was - smiling at me - my brothers girlfriend! She just finished her work at the exhibition centre and was on the way to him. We both couldnt believe our luck. Specially as it turned out that the way to my brothers place would have been more complicated than I expected.
We had Chinese dinner together, then I went to bed since I had to leave early the next morning. The train to Frankfurt airport left before 6am... I had to do the first aid and emergency training, which was more fun than expected - look at my first aid creation on the photo! We laughed a lot, it was a great group and a fun teacher.
The next day, while my brother went off to Venezuela, I had to fly to Houston again, where I am right now. Cloudy skies, lots of storms yesterday. Not much time though, we had a big delay in Frankfurt, so it was just enough time over here to eat, sleep and do some training, running and weights. Now Im nearly leaving again already. Looks like a fun flight with those big clouds out there...

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