03 Juli 2007

3. Tag, Task 3

After a huge amount of rain yesterday, it cleared up today and we flew another task before the next front moved in. By having a race start today, the organizer wanted a fair day for everybody in case the task is stopped. The „storm rules“ here say that if they see a lightening on the radar on the internet within the task area, the task will be stopped 30minutes prior to the lightening.
Luckily we didnt have to stop the task. Scoring deadline was already 16.30, the front reached us one hour later. Very good tasksetting! We flew 66 km over to Stauffen turnpoint, which was difficult with todays low cloudbase, disorganized thermals and a good headwind. Took me a while to get there.
Flying back over takeoff was easier, we had another two turnpoints further west (Hörndlwand and Hochfelln). Just after I made the second turnpoint, I saw that a cloud shadow would move in rather soon. I was still together with Roland, not pushing too hard to stay up high. Passing the goal the third time, we could already see some flex and rigid gliders in goal. Oh well. We still had the turnpoint at Inzell.
Flying out to that little church in the valley, we got rather low, but Roland found some lift in the foothills just east of Rauschberg that saved us. He took off to goal a bit earlier than me, because its a fair glide across forest to get into goal.
In goal, Charly Jöst interviewed me after my landing, he is preparing a film for the Bavarian Television. Sure enough, Kristof and Hannes were measuring my glider again, which was way inside the expected tolerance, so no trouble there.
Later I found out that not too many people had made it in with all the turnpoints, so Roland and I will have scored well for the day!
Now we are off the all you can eat Pizza night. Oh I could do with some ballast...

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