03 April 2016

From Rio to Denver

After a week of flying in the heat of Rio, the cold rain in Frankfurt welcomed me home for a short stop. Right on the next day I left for a work flight to Denver, Colorado. High cloud base, strong wind and some last specs of snow greeted us on the high plains of Colorado. Except for the Rockies in the background, it kind of looked like Forbes, just maybe 30 C colder ;)
The city is mainly flat, perfect to go around on inline skates. Except for the wind - but that counts as training.
The constant smell of marihuana in the city irritated me - I learnt that for people over 21, in Colorado it´s legal to smoke it not just for medical reasons, but also recreationally.
After a short stop, it´s already time to pack my suitcase again and head home. Let´s see if spring has already arrived in Germany!

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