01 September 2014


Through several channels, my friends from down under informed me yesterday morning about the tragic accident of Adam Parer. When a close friend dies, I always hope that it might have been "somebody else", but in this case there was no doubt unfortunately.
Apparently Adam looped, when another guy crossed his line. Adam managed to avoid a collision, but in an extreme manouvre, his glider broke and crashed through a powerline into a house. As a fireman, he is used to risking his own life to save others. And I guess he didn´t hesitate a second to not put the other glider at risk. That´s how Adam was, and that´s why friends and pilots around the world are shocked about this loss - he was not just a top pilot, but a top guy!
Last year at Canungra I ended up flying with Adam along the course in the same thermals almost every day - we both called it a "privilege" that we are able to do that, and celebrated our flights in the evenings. I have known Adam for almost 20 years, and I hoped to meet and fly with him again in October.
Not just Newcastle will miss you, Adam, but you left the whole flying community devastated. The only consolation I can take is that I hope that you are united again with your Love, and that Chris and Guido now have some serious competition drawing aerobatics into the eternal sky. Fly high, my friend, I miss you terribly!

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