04 Juli 2014

Dark clouds over Annecy

This morning the sky is covered with dark clouds and I already heard some sounds like thunder. It displays our mood - a tragedy happened yesterday. Japanese rigid wing pilot Masakazu Kobayashi died during his flight. We are all shocked and mourning with the Japanese team. This was the first time ever that a fatal accident happened during a World Championship I competed in.
Coming back to headquarter, I was greeted by Stephane Malbos and told I had been chosen for a doping control test. The FAI had ordered a doping test for pilots during our competition, that was a first of for all of us too. Well, not all of us - only Francoise Dieuzeide, Mario, Balasz and me got controlled, as far as I know.
It was an absurd szenario, me crying my eyes out being heartbroken for my Japanese friends, sitting on the toilet being closely watched by the friendly woman from the doping control to make sure I don´t pull some other urine sample out of a pocket - not easy to pee in that situation, but eventually i managed to follow the instructions.
They said it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the results, but we will only hear back if the samples were positive. Im pretty sure they won´t, as I see no possiblities for doping in hang gliding, but I will keep you posted.
Francoise or Yoko won this competition, and I think I stayed in 3rd. It was a really stable day, we only started at 5pm (!) into our task, many girls went directly to the nice Doussard landing field, so there won´t be many points.
A very sad finish for all of us.

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