28 Februar 2014

Registration Pre-Worlds, test task and safety briefing

After having registered for the pre worlds, I went for a test flight of about two hours in the afternoon, and the glider is still a beauty, thanks to the careful transport attention of Lufthansa!
Like the others of my team, I chose the airstrip to land, and it looked good, short grass, just maybe a bit narrow. Well, further down I realized that there were high barbed wire fences on both sides of the runway, which didn´t leave many options in case the wind turns around. And of course it did... shooting in with a tailwind at 2200m of altitude... pucker factor ten, and not the most elegant of landings, but my glider and I stayed in one piece at least!
Safety briefing in the evening with a brilliant introduction by Miguel Gutierrez, also thanking Rudy Gotes for helping with a huge amount of organization work.
After two hours of safety introduction, we went to an opening dinner, and they even catered for vegetarians. Due to jetlag, I didn´t stay too long, but I also realized that there is a lot to prepare on the day before the seven day marathon will start!

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