16 Juni 2013

Stuck in my harness...

 On Friday I went to Nuremberg for an interview with BR, a TV station that is airing nationwide. They asked me to set up my glider in the garden so the presenter can welcome the audience lying in my glider.
All looked good until we tried to get her out of my harness after the first three minutes of the show... her silk blouse got stuck in the zipper, and we couldnt move it a single inch! The show was live, so she decided to just to the whole talk in my harness on that day, walking around like a penguin, talking to a gardener about how to grow the perfect Basil, baking a cherry cheese cake and also asking me about the flying in Australia. After the first shock, everybody really enjoyed that something out of the ordinary was happening, and the presenter Uschi was very professional about it - a full hour in my harness!
Afterwards, many of the crew asked about tandem hang gliding flights...
Im not sure if they will put that show online, because it ended up very different than planned ;) but if I find a link, I will let you know. It was really funny!

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