29 April 2012


No flying today, as the wind up high was way too much. At the opening briefing of Hessenmeisterschaft, some good news: A pg girl who landed with her reserve on a snow field up high yesterday had been rescued by the helicopter in the morning. Her phone went flat and they couldnt find her last night, but she was smart and slept (maybe not slept, but survived) in her canope. Since we had a lot of snow recently and now it is quite warm, the risk of avalanches is superhigh and she would have had difficulties trying to walk down.
No rain, just some high clouds and wind, perfect for preparing the gear and for arriving in this beautiful, perfect place. A den for the gliders, a wind shielded spot in front of the house to set up the gliders and check them, a huge, safe landing field that belongs to the farm, and we can see take off from bed when we wake up... what more could I wish for? I hope I can come back for the Austrian Nationals, I love Greifenburg!
Looks like we will start the comp tomorrow, the wind will die down, a few clouds will be around - I don´t care too much really, I am keen on testing this beautiful wing in all kinds of weather situations (well, except for storm like today maybe ;))

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