14 Dezember 2011

WDR 5 radio, monday 11.05 am

Yesterday I went to an interview for the radio in Cologne, WDR 5, which will be aired next monday at 11.05am, about half an hour about hang gliding. Im on my way to work, so more pictures and infos soon...
Also, I am in a book about outdoor legends now. It was very flattering to find myself between Arved Fuchs and Germany´s first astronaut Sigmund Jähn, I don´t live quite up to their legends I feel, but it is an honour for me to be mentioned and portrayed as well!

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Habe das Interview zufällig im Autoradio mitbekommen. Kompliment! Die sympathisch-fröhlich-ansteckende Begeisterung für Ihren Sport kam förmlich durch die Lautsprecher.