07 Dezember 2010

Christmas with Timezone!

I forgot to write about last Friday - my friend Rebekka visited me, we had dinner and then she took me to the Shakira concert here in Munich. I don´t know how many people´s nerves I stepped on by constantly singing "waka waka eh eh... - this time for España!" while we were at the European Championships in Ager/Spain (they started on the final day of the soccer world cup).
It was a great concert and good to have somebody who knows much more about Shakira and her songs than I do, Rebi gave me a lot of background information, so it was not boring while we were waiting. No group before Shakira, and because of an "electrical problem" she only went on stage at 21.30. But then the show was really cool. I liked it that she was dancing around barefoot on stage, and her belly dancing samba style is just amazing!
Yesterday I went to Regina. She had a Christmas packet from Timezone for me, and of course we had fun doing a fashion show with the nice things from the winter collection. On the photo our favourite new dresses - they are so comfortable and warm and look great. You find the dresses here in the Timezone Online Shop - but Jamie, I don´t know if they already deliver to the US, you might have to mail order it to my place ;)

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