21 Juni 2007

Rest Day

The weatherman predicted a strong south wester and also huge storms ahead of the coldfront. At the moment, we have changing wind directions at the landing field, a clear sign of the foehn. Lucky that we didnt have to test the day today.
Yesterday was cancelled, not just stopped. A complaint was discussed after Wolfgang had wanted to score the day. The day winner would have got more than 900 points for 62km into the task. Because there was a mandatory startgate for the top 30 pilots though, the task could not be scored in a fair way and was cancelled.
Looking back, I was really lucky that I managed to land safely in a valley breeze in Matrei gusting up to 50 km/h. I really appreciate the handling and speed of my Litespeed 3.5 s, it reacts fast even though my bodyweight is very little. Glide is already good, but it will get even better with my new inlay sail for the worlds. When I saw Jörgs new sail, I just couldnt resist and had to order one as well.
Im sitting here with Ewa who already cancelled her xc course today for safety reasons. sometimes it is nice to be safely on the ground and enjoy great company ;)

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