16 Juni 2008


The day started with sun and blue skies, we went up Emberger Alm really early because the forecast was for a warm front moving in during the afternoon. A task was set around 3 turnpoints with goal in Villach, 60km east of us.
I took off in the alternate launch at 11.15 already, climbing out easily and flying towards the east. Our startgate had a height limit of 2200m to avoid cloud flying. Lukas, Jörg and a few more of my team decided to try a different way than the obvious one, trying to stay away from the big gaggle and the clouds moving into Drautal.
We were lucky not to have witnessed what happened at Stagor. Richi Meier tumbled just after the task had started. Having been low above ground, his reserve chute didnt have enough height to deploy. Richi died when he hit the ground. I was devastated when Regina told me the sad news after I had landed. I had known Richi for many years, one of the strongest pilots ever.
We just returned from a service for Richi. My thoughts are with his love Vanessa and their young daughter Solea - and of course with the whole Swiss team, his family and friends.
Difficult to talk about scoring and points when there are other things on our minds. Today it was grey and raining, same prediction for tomorrow, so we will have a rest and some time to recover.
Im not sure if the Swiss team will continue the competition.

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