04 Mai 2018

My world records ratified!

What a nice notice - today FAI ratified all of my 3 world record flight claims :)))

To get a 405,8 km to a declared goal (previous Yoko Sano 367,6km),
a 407,2km free distance (previous Kari Castle 403,5km),
and 411,0km free distance around up to 3 turnpoints, it was a huge effort. One month travelling in the northeastern outback of Brazil, quite impressive take off and flying conditions with very challenging landing options, a great team of friends who were superchilled (as opposed to the stressed German girl...), and then, on the very last day possible, doing it, going all the way!!! Big thanks for all support from Red Bull, Moyes, Icebreaker and adidas sport eyewear!
Of course during the Forbes competition, Sasha might have beaten all three of my records, so I will go back for the 500km I guess...?! Yes, I miss my Brazilian family and wouldn´t mind to go back to Araruna and Tacima for a while!

01 April 2018

Training in California

After freezing at a brief stop in the snow at the ski flying world cup in Planica/Slovenia, checking out the guys tactics on speed, low drag and flying with minimal "wings" (their skis!!!), I decided to shortpack my glider again and take off to the sun for some training before the season starts.
I was warmly welcomed by the Californian pilots and started with an incredible flight from scenic Mount Tamalpais, landing on the beach. After all the traveling from Brazil to Germany to the US, I was really happy to see my glider unharmed by all the short-and longpacking and transports! Big thanks to all Lufthansa colleagues for having been so careful trainsporting my glider around the world! Felt good to get some air under my wings again!
Just a bit more time, and I will be on my way (working) to Argentina for a brief visit, before going to the Quest comp in Florida, which is very booked out this year. I´m happy that Jörg from our German national team will accompany me and train with me before returning to Germany and hopefully seeing no snow on our mountain take offs anymore - the German Open, this year in the black forest, is coming up in the end of May!

13 Februar 2018

Sportspeople of the year event in Bremen

It was a nice surprise today to see that I have been suggested as sportswoman of the year in my home city Bremen!
The other two women are active as freestyle skiier and rhythmic gymnast. It´s great to get the chance to present our beautiful sport of free flying to a greater audience, show them the beauty of moving through the air on wings without a motor.
I guess my latest record flights moved me up into that league. Feels good to see that this effort and adventure finds appreciation!
The gala night is on March 13th, I´m looking forward to meeting a lot of my idols from other sports too, like the women´s hockey team of Bremen and the latin dance formation of green gold club, both are just around the corner from home :) maybe I can convert some of those excellent athletes to have a look into the sky... ;)

08 November 2017

Final day - How good is Tacima/Araruna???

A few days of no update on my blog, lots of flying, late retrieves, difficult changes of plans, little reest - but I will catch up for you now!

On one of the non-flying days, we went to the coast with Konrad to see if we could soar on the cliffs. But even there, the wind was too light, so we just hung out and enjoyed the clean water and empty, white beaches. We swam in a lagoon that just looked like paradise. The guys had some fish at the restaurant, I had some fries and a slice of tomato. One of those things was not a good idea, because I was totally wiped out on the next day and could not fly. Only two more possible days for flying, and again I was loosing another one. I started stressing.
Saturday looked like the best day of the week. I went to the Araruna/Tacima take off with David, but where were the other guys? They had lost the key for the gate to take off and were driving around, trying to find someone who had a key. After a while they gave up, and we started setting up really late. „Just take it as it is and make the best of it“ was my friends advice for me, cause he could see my eyes rolling in agony ;) Three weeks with an unexpected challenge every single day! And the flying itself was hard enough, with all the tiger country, rotor areas in the strong wind, and cactus trees everywhere…
But on this day, I didn´t chicken out when we got to the famous „last landing“ before the 25 gnarly km to get to Lagoa Nova. I got as high as I could and went together with Alipio. A relief when we made the high plateau and could finally reach some laudable areas again!
Anyway, we were topping up and went on. Some km before Apodi, Alipio got low and landed. I made it to the city of Apodi at 14.30, which was a bit late to get all the way to Quixada, another 150km, so I decided to land by the main road, to make retrieve easy and fast. 259km was a great flight anyway!
Then the disheartening message from our retrieve group - one car was going to pick up Alipio and me and take us to Quixada, where Macae was staying, and we would drive back on Sunday :((( no way! I don´t want to loose my last day to try for a big flight, and told the guys that I really really need to go back to Araruna today!
I sent my location again, and Konrad said they were only 55km away. I packed my glider in 20 minutes, and he picked me up, then Alipio, further down the way we stopped for Marcelinho and Joao. As we also had two drivers in the car, we had to go back with 7 people. I shared the front seat with Alipio, while four guys shared the space in the back, Konrad was driving. Driving fast.
We arrived in Araruna after 9pm, had a fast pizza and went to bed to get up at 5am on the next day, as usual. At breakfast at 6am, the guys told me that the plan was to check out, pack all our gear into the car, fly as far as possible, and have all cars going to Assu, where we would stay over night. One car was in Juatama already, the other one with us started in Araruna. Ok, I quickly packed my bags (stuff for four weeks of traveling, plus all the equipment and spares for the record trials) and took them to the car, where Konrad shifted the complete gear of five pilots into his car, tetris style!
The Assu idea was born because Guto and Macae had to fly out of Natal on Monday midday, and the drive from Assu was about 3 hours.
Again we only started setting up at 8am, but since I had already made up my mind to come back next year with a more professional infrastructure, I could not get stressed anymore. It was just not supposed to happen.
I took off as the first pilot, waiting for the others, climbing out together and crossing the canyon plateau at the luxurious height of 1200m, about 600m above ground. Always a relief when it worked! Flying over to the next plateau at Lagoa Nova, the next big step, was not easy. I was glad that Thalis and Marcelinho were with me, even though Thalis makes strange choices about his flying route sometimes.
Marcelinho found a strong lift, an we skyrocketed up to 1800m already.
After that, I decided to go to some good looking clouds on the other side of the plateau, while the guys preferred another way. But we met again anyway, which was great. Until Apodi we flew together, but then the guys dropped me, as I missed one good climb and had to wait for another one to pick me up. Oh well, another 3 hours of thermals, with 150 unknown km ahead of me. I will try my best!
The landscape got a bit greener at times, but still hills. Luckily a few clouds left on my way, so I could head on. About 30km before my goal, I realized that with the tailwind I could really make it on a last, big glide! When I finally arrived in Juatama, I could not believe it! almost 9 hours of flying, my longest flight ever. After all the hardship of the three weeks before this day, I really made my goal on the last possible day! What a drama story! Tired and happy I arrived and was glad that Macae helped me packing my glider while we waited for our driver to get back. I went up to the beautiful Pedras dos Ventos resort in Juatama and had a good dinner, surprised to see a lot of familiar faces. Jeff Shapiro was staying there, ready to fly a long distance on his paraglider, also Michael Gebert showed up. He and Verena were leading groups out there, and they usually stay a few months each winter. Many Swiss pg pilots, and some Americans too.
The news about my records spread fast, and everybody was celebrating with me. I was superhappy when the owner of the resort allowed me to go for a swim in one of the nice pools, and a hot shower plus a vegetarian eggplant lasagne made me feel like I arrived back in civilization, even though it was in the outback of Ceara. I had started in the state of Paraiba, went through Rio Grande do Norte and finished in Ceara. So fantastic to have gone with friends, all of us celebrated out own personal best flights! Plus I broke the open distance record by going 407,8km open and the declared goal record by going 405km.
Coming back to Natal, Alipio and Joao helped me writing, filming and editing a bit for the media, so we could take our wonderful sport to the public with a new achievement.

After that, cloud base was a bit higher again, yet the country looked like it was the moon. Where did these guys take me to fly? Very few dirt roads going through the terrain, and for sure no phone would work on the ground.

30 Oktober 2017

Another day in Tacima

More photos and my report in German on the DHV homepage!

The sky looked great today! I took off first, at 7.55am. Found some lift, but couldn´t get to base. Then I headed for another cloud. It didn´t work. Soon I got low - and landed. At 8.20am!!! What a desaster. Well, I had a great take off, and a really good landing. And a tree for shade for packing up. And an accessible field, so my driver found me. Guess it could have been worse. Alas, it is painful to watch Konrad on his way crossing the 200km line... at least I found the best Red Bull ever - the Brazilian Summer Edition is with Açai flavour! I had one to regain some energy and keep going. How do I get a few cases of that to Germany???

I´m grateful for having landed in the community of strong women yesterday! They seemed to be in charge, running their village, and I guess that´s what this country dearly needs - more heart, more chances, more education - and definitely more responsible thinking about how this place should look like tomorrow. The TV news are just the same every day here. People getting shot in the big cities, and banks getting robbed daily, always the same pattern, either crashing a car into the building, or detonating it. The banking machines here in tiny Araruna don´t carry money anymore, so the bank doesn´t get blown up! I get my cash by paying fuel with credit card and Konrad sharing with cash.
I was crushed by the feeling that I can´t fly here like I normally do, getting up really well in light lift. I need a reset. Luckily Marcelinho, Alipio, Macae and Guto are on their way here, so I will be able to enjoy flying with friends and hopefully have fun again.
This green spider I bravely took a photo of really liked my glider bag. Scary thing, it looked a bit like a huntsman, just bright green. Nobody could tell me if it is poisonous, but I didn´t want to try it. For sure the bite would hurt...

29 Oktober 2017

And - another piece of humble pie!

The last two days were not flyable in Tacima. Low clouds and rain made it look very average, so we went to the coast instead. Our driver David took me for a tandem, and Konrad flew his RX pro down the coast for a bit.
Today looked great. Just when I got into my harness and David kept cutting on a wooden stick, I got a bit irritated. He said he had forgotten one of my battens (no 9) at my last landing place. Guess I should never totally trust someone to look after the glider set up and pack up... he fit the wooden batten into my sail and said it would be fine. Oh well. I worried a bit, then I thought, maybe I´m just too German? So I took off. The glider flew well and only had a very slight turn to the right where he had replaced the real batten...
Early start at 8am, getting up to base straight away! 1100m isn´t really high above the plateau canyons, but I committed to crossing with Konrad. We went quite well, but after the plateau, Konrad hit some sink and landed. I stayed in lift longer, went up to base again, and was looking for the best line. First cloud didn´t work. Second one neither. Now I was already in ground mode, searching for some vultures or thermal triggers. Found nothing - and landed. At 9.05am!!!???? Painful to look at the sky, wondering why we both couldn´t get it, while the Gavin the paraglider is on his way to Quixada. Good on him!
I was greeted by a beautiful welcoming committee on the field where I landed. I asked around if anyone would like to try to pick up my glider - and it was only the girls and women who were really keen and interested, so I happitly taught them a bit about our sport! So cool to see how proud they were and how much they enjoyed it!
When they carried my glider to the road, I was invited to their verandah to wait for my retrieve car. They set up a hammock to make it really comfortable for me, and kept asking lots of questions. Even if I felt pain to loose a day like today, it was still really valuable to meet these wonderful people I would have never met otherwise! It´s a cool sport, even if you fail, you kind of get rewarded with interest, hospitality and friendship! Amazing country, this Brazil!
Sure we went back to my landing field from two days ago, where we really found the batten! Luckily!!! Compay Segundo was really happy to see me again, trying to talk me into staying with him, he really needs some company and would look after me well. I have a project and need to fly some more years, I told him.
We left and hopefully have a week of great days ahead of us!

26 Oktober 2017

When it is just not your day...

When you have a few consecutive days of low base, rain and no flying conditions, pilots get impatient. So yesterday there was a lot of talk if we could fly today, or better should go to Matureia straight away. A bit further inland, to avoid the morning overcast and rain from the coast.
We packed all our gear, but as a friend had told me that conditions today would be great for a big flight in Tacima, I convinced Konrad to stay here for today. It looked like a great day, but on take off, I already saw that I wasn´t as focused as the last days. I forgot my gopro cameras and spare batteries and spare vario and radio in my room, as I had packed it into the suitcase in case of travel. One of my spare phones wasn´t charged.
Davizinho helped me a lot with setting up my glider, while I was getting my harness ready. Trackers, radio, varios, water, all good. The wind was quite strong, so I didn´t want to wait and got into the air first today. With Konrad I went up well, but it took a while. Base was at 1200m. Konrad headed straight over the plateau, but when I saw Patrick Colin coming back low, it totally psyched me out. He is like a local and knows how to fly here. Windspeeds were up to 40km/h, with quite some turbulence in it, and it didn´t look inviting to me. Meanwhile the clouds spread again and shade covered the land.
Konrad killed me by saying how good it was behind the plateau, he was getting up to 1600m already. Not my day, so I decided to land in the big field where I had landed on the first day. Wind on the ground 20-30km/, gusting a bit. The approach was smoother than on the other days, but just when I thought I would touch down, a gust was crossing in and threw me to the side. I didn´t touch the ground hard, but in a bad angle, so my tip wand broke. And nope, I didn´t bring a spare one. What a day!
So glad my driver was there in an instant and helped me pack the glider and tried to cheer me up.
We went to pick up Konrad next who had landed in Campo Redondo. And the field next to his really cheered me up - it was full of stones, and in this case, a lot of rose quartz crystals! I never found them before, and I was happily jumping around to pick out the nicest ones. No idea how I will get those large rocks home, but I will find a way!
Arriving back, Konrad pulled out some spare tip wands and cut one for me so I can fly again tomorrow! Lucky girl. I just have to find back to the "flow" and relax a bit.