22 Oktober 2014

Finally in Canungra!

It´s great to be back in spring time Australia, it´s beautiful up here in Canungra! After Tony helped me to get my harness and other gear into the airport bus in Melbourne (Im not exactly traveling light...), I was surprised to see HUGE lines of people. Most of them were wearing a pass, so I asked if they had been to a meeting. Yep- sure enough, it was the biggest Jehova´s Witnesses convention in Australia ever, with 75.000 people participating. And of course they all were eager and happy to share their experiences and knowledge with me ;)
Soon I boarded the flight up to Queensland which took about two hours. I flew up with Jetstar, the no frills airline of Qantas. You had to pay for every drink or snack on board, but it was a nice Airbus 321 with a very friendly crew.
When my friend Sue picked me up in the airport, I was glad that I was close to arriving. We stopped for some shopping in Nerang on the way where we met Jonny´s sister Gemma with her son Kai, she wasn´t even too surprised to run into me in that supermarket ;) ?! Nice to be back here, and I can´t wait to meet everybody again. This year, Davo is organizing the comp, which means plenty of fun socializing, good food and optimism - "It´s gonna be PUMPIN´!!!!" He is a classic.
While Jonny is testflying his new Technora RX today in a beautiful SE breeze, I will prepare all my gear and try to arrive in this new timezone.
Big thanks to all the people who helped me to get here and be able to fly - Vicki/Moyes, Mario, Tony, Sue, Nils! 

20 Oktober 2014

Finally on the way to Australia!

After the first shock of having been bumped off the flight last night, Im glad I got on 24 hours later just now. Thanks to Captain Mario, I had a fantastic time and learnt a lot within the shortest time about work and life in Doha! I was lucky to have been welcomed by such wonderful Italian hospitality!

19 Oktober 2014

Stranded in Doha

I was bumped off the flight to Melbourne last night because of weight restrictions. Meanwhile Jonny says that flying will be epic today again in Canungra... hope I get on the flight tonight and finally arrive in Australia tomorrow. First I will have a look around Qatar and check out the soccer stadiums to report back to FIFA ;) Nice weather here!

18 Oktober 2014

A wedding and Seattle

Before going on the big trip to Australia, just a few photos of the last 10 days. I had been invited to Jasmine´s and Benjamin´s wedding, which was really fun. In order to have time, I had to do a work flight early the next morning though. And that took me to beautiful Seattle!
It´s simply a myth that it always rains in Seattle ;) This is the second time Ive been there, and again, beautiful blue sky, sunny and pleasant.
First of all, I went to visit Chief Seattle, the wise Native American who the city is named after. His speaches are legendary and worth reading.
At the Burke museum, they have a great collection of local Native American history and art, but also a really groovy cafe. It´s on university premises, so you meet a lot of studends there.
On the flight out, we paid tribute to beautiful Mt Rainier (I still can´t pronounce that one right, sorry Belinda!), saw the city and Puget Sound from high  above - and just enjoyed awsome mountain views!
More once Im in Down Under, where Jonny Durand is already out in record flight mode :)))

05 Oktober 2014

Rio Cidade Maravilhosa

It´s always great to be in Rio, I love those lazy, large vultures called "Urubus" who always soar around in front of my hotel window. This guy landed on a roof next to my room, and we had a great little chat :)
I took my colleague Volker to see the take off at São Conrado, next time he might bring his paraglider.
Also I visited the jewelry factory of H.Stern and tried on some exquisit necklaces. As long as I have to pay for my gliders though, I think I can´t afford these, but I liked the colour of this blue topaz very much.
On the way back, we saw a funny umbrella sculpture along the beachfront. After the soccer worldcup, prices went up in the city, but it is still priceless to have a chilled coconut water on the beach :)

30 September 2014

European Championships Akhal Teke Horses

Last weekend I met my friends Helene and Patrick and their beautiful horse Saiga at Gut Ising, where they participated in the Akhal Teke horse show. These horses are the national pride of Turkmenistan, and they are still very purely bred.
They seemed to be smart and very dedicated to their provider of food and fitness :) And it looked like the horse people were more than just dedicated to their horses, they are truely devoted to their beauty, character and intelligence!

17 September 2014

Home in Bremen

While I´m preparing the big trips to Canungra and Mexico, I´m happy about a short break back home in Bremen for my Dad´s birthday before having to start a standby line tomorrow. This means not knowing where or when I have to work-fly to for about the next two weeks. Yes it´s exciting, but it can also be exhausting, because between 5am and midnight, a call from Lufthansa can reach me any time, and I need to be at the airport within just one hour to fly whereever they send me to. Even more stressful in times of ebola in western Africa and different possible war zones in quite a few other destinations.
But at the moment I´m happy to just spend a day in beautiful late summer air in Bremen, enjoying the blue sky and light breeze.