24 Juni 2008


After coming back from Greifenburg, I had to pack my suitcase again and leave at 4.15 am the next morning to go to work. The moment I picked up my gear, it started pouring outside. My flight to Frankfurt was overbooked due to a cancellation of a later flight. I got lucky though and was allowed one of the cockpit jumpseats. Amazing huge clouds after take off!
Our A330 to Calgary was nearly booked out. The flight took us about 9 hours. Calgary is growing, building places everywhere. Once I arrived at the hotel downtown, I contacted Vincene Müller, Chris Müller´s mum, and we met in the city, catching up on a lot of hanggliding and paragliding stuff, anything between Canada, Australia and Europe. I felt like Im connecting the continents!
Even more so when Bernie Winkelmann came over from work and mentioned Jeff O´Brien and I said that I just did some Yoga with the Jeffs yesterday in Greifenburg on the lawn in front of Bettina´s house, overlooking the Drautal! Sometimes the world is small.
Anyway, I have to return soon, the flight will be nearly booked out, a lot of work. But I will be back here soon, it is a nice place with a good feel – and always great to be able to meet friends during the layover time.
On the photo Vincene, me, Bernie and his wife Moon.

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